Ideo is an innovation and design firm that uses a human centered, design based approach to help organizations in the business, government, education, healthcare and social sectors innovate and grow in three ways: By Identifying new ways to serve and support people by uncovering their latent needs, behaviours, and desires. Visualizing new directions for companies and brands and designing the offerings - products, services, spaces, media, and software that bring innovation strategy to life. Enabling organizations to change their cultures by building the capabilities required to sustain innovation. In addition, focusing on specialties such as innovation, design thinking, social impact, product design, interaction design and organizational design. In this particular case study as seen in the video, we came to learn that Ideo`s mantra, which also happens to be written everywhere in their building sums up what the company stands for, it reads "one conversation at a time, stay focused on topic, encourage wild ideas, defer judgement and build on the ideas of others.". Dave Kelly says that everything is designed, including toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, chairs and tv`s among other products are designed by them. David Kelly, a Stanford engineering professor who is also the CEO believes that people who listen to the boss don`t add much in terms of ideas so they have to hire people who don`t listen to them because he believes the boss does not have all the ideas. All their employees are trained. At Ideo they believe fresh ideas come faster in a fun place that is precisely why it`s employees are encouraged to build their own workplace essentially creating an environment whereby creativity is encouraged. A good example is when its employees asked for an extra 4000 dollars on their budget to build a DC-3 wing which basically says that they are weird and proud of it. In addition they also have umbrella`s on the ceiling to shade computers from direct sunlight and biycles on ropes to prevent clutter. The first person that hang a bike didn`t ask them, he tried it then saw that nobody complained then another guy hang a bike up, soon everybody hang their bikes up and no one complained. At Ideo they subscribe to the notion that one should try something and ask for forgiveness instead of asking for permission, that`s how they come up with new ideas. Designers are the reason why tv`s have square screens, a chair has four legs and toothbrushes have squishy handles. Ideo has designed everything from high tech medical equipment, a 25 foot mechanical whale in the movie free willy, the first computer mouse for apple, NEC computer screens, nike sunglasses and hundreds of other products. They are experts on the process of designing products, they are not experts on any single area or field, whether it`s a toothbrush, a toothpaste tube, a tractor, a space shuttle or a chair, it does not make a difference to them, they are essentially more interested in the design process. At Ideo, they have regular and rather unique brainstorming sessions called the "deep dive". Here its employees bring their wild ideas, this process is referred by them as focused chaos. Ideas pour out for hours and are put up on the walls. They put up hundreds of ideas on the walls and vote for them, this process they say is enlightened trial and error which succeeds over the planning of a lone genius. They believe that its important to have wild ideas, to build on those wild ideas and they eventually end up being better ideas. They also believe that if a product cannot be built in a day then it is not a product that is subsequently worth developing. At Ideo one`s status is merited by the ideas they come up with, for instance for the supermarket shopping cart project, the project leader was Peter Schilman, a 35 year old Stanford engineer, he was appointed project leader because he`s good with groups not because of seniority he`d only been with Ideo for six years. Based on the videos we watched, it is evident that the style of management practised at Ideo by the CEO David Kelly is a hands-off management style or laissez-faire management style of leadership. At Ideo there is no corporate hierarchy and no management structure. This approach, practised at Ideo places an enormous amount of authority in team members to both understand and deliver on objectives. The risks may include team members misunderstanding what the organizations objectives are, and some employees may underperformance as a consequence of this style of management. Having said that, a manager who successfully employs this style will normally allow team members to get on with their work, with possible gains in productivity, this style of management ensures the manager has an open door policy to discussions and consultations which would in turn encourage openness and transparency. The Madonna case is very similar to IDEO, her srategy to constantly reinvent herself meaning her ability to adapt to the times by constantly changing her image is the main reason she is still one of the most highly regarded and highly recognized icons in the world. She is clearly flexible in the sense that for instance her image in the early1980`s was completely different to her image in the early 1990`s and late 1990`s and the 2000`s. Attributes which consist of good business acumen, character and drive also contribute to making her a success story. It illustrates tremendous vision.

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